Anger Godzilla

Anger Godzilla.

When the very first Godzilla was killed, some of his DNA was left on the place he was standing last. Another full-grown Godzilla, angry with the people who killed the first one, trampled through the location of the original one's death. The DNA collected on his body, and was hit with an Atomic bomb. The radiation combined with the DNA and permanently transformed him into Anger Godzilla! He used his new powers to destroy more of the city faster. when it was fully destroyed, he went back to his underwater trench, still angry.


When he was transformed into Anger Godzilla, he grew from 50 meters tall to 100 meters tall, so his height was doubled. He has the same powers as he used to, but his Atomic Ray has become very fiery. Anger Godzilla can breathe in air, water, and outer space.


Anger Godzilla looks just like the original Godzilla, but is 100 meters tall, is pitch black except for his neck, head, hands, feet, and tail, has longer, red claws on toes and fingers, has red areas under his eyes, and three black spikes on his head. He still has the original Godzilla's plates.