Biollante is a 120-meter tall kaiju made by the Toho company. She is a hybrid of a godzillasaurus, rose, and human. At first, she was a "thinking" giant rose with teeth in the center. That was her Rose Form.

Final form powers

  • Able to shoot a radioactive sap spray from her mouth and vines
  • Regenerative power
  • Can change into glowing spores to travel in the sky or space
  • Spores interfere with electronic transmissions

Rose form powers

  • Has many vines with mouths and tendrils, and the vines can spit a very corrosive sap, which can blind her target.
  • She can turn into small golden energy particles, go into space, and come back, healing from pretty much anything and even changing into her final form.

    Rose form.

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