Cretaceous King Ghidorah is a prehistoric space dragon that is 40 meters tall with a wingspan of 50 meters. He exterminated every living thing on Earth in the cretaceous period, then encased himself in a meteor and left Earth. Later, he became Grand King Ghidorah and came back to Earth in a meteor shower. Rainbow Mothra Leo tried to fight Grand King Ghidorah, but couldn't beat him, so he went back in time to where he was Cretaceous King Ghidorah and he wasn't very strong. This is when Mothra Leo killed Cretaceous King Ghidorah once and for all.


  • From his mouths, he can spew fireballs
  • His fastest air speed is mach 3
  • His wings can cause hurricane winds
  • Using the extracted life essence he comsumes, he can encase himself in a meteor and fly around in space
  • If his body parts are cut off, he can grow them back

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