Dagahra is a sea monster created by a species that were technologically and mystically advanced. They polluted the waters and air, but instead of trying to help, they created him. He ate pollution, but when he did, he released deadly sea stars called barems that were either as bad or worse than pollution. Mothra's son, Mothra Leo, came to destroy Dagahra. At one point, Leo depended on his rainbow form to destroy the toxic menace. In the end, Dagahra was killed.


  • His fastest air speed is mach 10
  • Out of his mouth, he can shoot an Irabushan Beam
  • His dorsal fins can shoot crimson energy beams
  • He can rotate, and shoot, energy rings from his body
  • If he quickly rotates himself in water, he can create a tornado of Barems and lightning
  • The cannons on the shoulders of Dagahra can shoot either energy beams or a concentrated mixture of Barem and crystallized toxins, whichever he choses
  • Fastest underwater speed is 150 knots
  • He can shoot lightning at anyone he choses

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