Chaos Ghidorah

Hyper Chaos King Ghidorah

After the 7 master and chaos emeralds had Ghidorah's DNA dropped onto it, it formed into Hyper Chaos King Ghidorah.


  • All the powers of King Ghidorah-Gravity Beams from mouths, wings can cause hurricane winds, necks can constrict, and can fire an Omega Strike.
  • Blue gravity beams from all 3 heads
  • Chaos control
  • Chaos blast from all 3 heads
  • Can close itself in a barrier that can absorb attacks and shoot them back at the attacker
  • Can breathe in air, space, and water
  • Flight at mach 15


Looks like King Ghidorah (Heisei), has a blue chaos emerald on chest and both wings, has a chaos emerald on top of all 3 of his heads, and has 2 tails. He is 125 meters tall.

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