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Heterozadon is a monster created by me, GojiFan2000. I got some loose inspiration from Gomora (horn), Godzilla (spikes), and Gigan (laser beam which is supposed to be red but I despise coloring so I just filled it in with my pencil).


Heterozadon was a dinosaur from the Cretaceous period which, using its cunning, hid away in a cave for a deep slumber while the meteor impacted. When he planned to leave his spot, one of the volcanoes that erupted during the massive crisis covered his exit in magma, which eventually hardened, trapping him inside. Realizing it would either be death or a long period of hibernation, he chose the latter and rested for many millenia.

After a mining project uncovered his cave, a tourist industry mogul attempted to capture him and have him be broadcast as an attraction. Not the best idea, since he became rather angry and began wrecking the site of the project meant to contain him. With some leftover rage, he decided to get moving before the military heard word of his waking and eventually ran into the city of Osaka. He made a rather fun game out of throwing the ships around from the port and soon the city was beginning to lie in ruins. Thankfully, the military arrived and tried to stop this beast.

After sending wave after wave of failed tank and jet attack, it was time to bring out the big guns, or big gun rather since he kind of destroyed everything else. An experimental device called the XSZT-3 was sent out and began to work at freezing him. His legs were covered in ice and eventually, he was covered up to his shoulders. It no longer needed to fire since the ice would find it naturally expand from then on. The crew celebrated, feeling victorious over the mighty beast! But their merit was too early, since he could still move his neck. With one final blast of glory, he obliberated the device with his horn and along with it his temporary conquerers. He had froze for good now, and he was transported to an active volcano where Hetorozadon was thrown in and killed. Or was he?


Heterozadon's plates attract solar energy which he uses to power his beam. He also is a very talented swimmer, but it isn't very fast or a good jumper. His strength is impeccable as well, since he was able to pick up the tankers with ease. He also has the power to resist almost all military firepower.

Heterozadon was a feared species of dinosaur before they went extinct, and was a vicious carnivore. In fact, one Heterozadon could take out nearly a quarter of a herd of brachiosauruses. Unfortunately, this one Heterozadon was the only one lucky enough to escape the mass extinction of his species. But he was not the only one to escape the extinction out of all (see: Godzilla).


WEIGHT: 35,000 LBS.


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