Grand King Ghidorah is Cretaceous King Ghidorah grown up. He is 60 meters tall with a wingspan of 80 meters. Rainbow Mothra Leo tried to defeat him, but he was too strong.


  • His fastest air speed is mach 3
  • His wings can cause hurricane winds
  • His heads can shoot Gravity Beams
  • Even if he loses one wing, he can use a zero gravity field to fly
  • His scales are able to manipulate the light from projectiles, forming a protective barrier
  • Each of his wings can shoot six bolts of electricity
  • He can make a dome that allows objects to pass through, but the exterior of it is laced with tentacles and when they try to leave, it has a corrosive effect
  • He can teleport smaller beings into the dome
  • Using the life essence he consumes, he can encase himself in a meteor and fly in space
  • He can put a weak mind-control onto other people

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