On the island of kaiju, Mothra12 rose. She looked into the distance, then darted off away from the island. After traveling across the ocean and other parts of land, she stopped when she reached an area with dead grass that was shrouded with mist. M looked into the distance, but saw nothing. Suddenly, she heard something, then saw Jiger approaching through the mist. When she was close enough, J stopped. She stared at M, but nothing else happened. J finally roared in rage then shot quills from her face. M rushingly dodged them, then shot J with an energy beam. J shot M with a heat ray, and the tips of M's fur were glowing orange because of it. J used her pulling power to pull M closer. J stuck her stinger into M's body, and injected an egg into her. The egg hatched a tiny baby Jiger that feeds on kaiju blood. However, since M is an insect, she doesn't have blood, but does have a harmless fluid. The baby Jiger tried to sap it up, but since it wasn't blood, it killed it (and later the baby jiger's body would eventually dissolve into minerals that M doesn't need, but can have). M stuck her stinger into J's body then shot a poison dart. J screamed in pain, bit M's left wing, then swung it around, banging her on the ground. The poison powder on M's wing got in J's mouth, poisoning her even more. J stumbled away from M, trying to retreat, but M got up and used one last energy beam on J, then flew back to her island, leaving J's dead body behind.

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