At a mystic hidden island, the exact opposite of the island of kaiju, Goldras rose. He used his special time power to make GodzillaX come back from his death. Goldras went away, and GX dove into the water. GX seeked revenge on the ones who killed him, and was making his way to the island of kaiju. Far away, Gillojira sensed the presence of GX. GX stood still in the water, and G eventually appeared. The two horrible kaiju looked at each other angrily in the still ocean. Finally, G thrust forward and scratched at GX. GX bit G's right wing and ripped the tip off of it. G charged up his ray, and shot GX. GX wasn't hurt, and bit G's tail. G screamed and slashed his tail around, but GX didn't let go. GX forcefully and quickly lifted his head then opened his mouth, throwing G over his back. G fell down, and dust floated up from below him in the water. G struggled to get up as GX was eying him menacingly. When G got up, GX tackled him and bit him, finishing him off. He continued his way to the island of kaiju after killing his enemy.

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