As GodzillaX was still making his way to the island of kaiju, MusukoGoji was revived. GX finally got to an island, but it wasn't the island of kaiju. He stood there, noticing that this was not his destination. He heard something, then looked to see M approaching, along with Gamera. GX angrily trust forward and scraped G's underside, making streaks of red appear on him. M shot an Atomic Ray at GX, and GX shot M with his Atomic Ray. G jumped onto GX's back and GX used his tail to grab G's tail, then throw G off. M rammed into GX, and GX just pushed him away. G got up and bit GX's tail, but GX slung his tail around, throwing G off. M bit GX's neck from the front. GX just used his Atomic Ray on M to push him off. G got up, then went inside his shell. Fire came out of the holes in his shell, and he began spinning, causing him to fly. GX jumped up high and jumped on G, causing him to fall. GX came down feet-first with G. M tried to get up, but GX used an Atomic Ray on him to finally kill him. G and GX stared at each other, but then G roared. In the distance, Mothra12 and Goji64 rose from the water in the distance. They reached G and GX, then joined in battle. All three kaiju charged up their beams (Gamera's fire counts as a beam), then used them all at once on GX. And explosion was let out, and GX began glowing. The glow faded as he died, and Goji64 took his body, throwing it into the ocean. All three kaiju went back to their homes, knowing GX was gone for now.

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