Far from the island of kaiju, in a cold, dead area, nothing was happening. There was practically no movement. Then, the wind began to blow softly. The cold wind began to blow harder, and harder. The ground shook and cracked, then everything stopped. A roar was let out, and through the mist, Bagan burst from the ground. He walked throughout the hard dirt and rock, looking through the silver air. B roared again, and at the island of kaiju, Mothra12 sensed danger. She rose and flew to the dead, misty area that B was standing on. When she got there, B looked her strait in the eyes. The two did nothing, but then B shot white, star-like objects from his horn at M. She tried to dodge, but was cut in her right wing. She could still fly with the tears in it as long as it isn't cut off. She shot an energy beam, but B used a forcefield to block it. M speared her stinger into B's neck and shot a poison dart into it. Right after that, B pulled her out of his neck then threw her at the ground. B shot more star-like objects at M, causing the tears in her wing to get bigger. B shot a Plasma beam at M, and she still layed down on the ground without movement. B ripped M's right wing off then thew it down. B was about to finish M off, but on the island of kaiju, Goji64 rose from his underwater home. He headed for B, ready to battle. G arrived, then bravely approached B. B roared and shot star-like objects from his horn at G. G got cut in the face, and grabbed his face with his hands. B used one last plasma beam on M and killed her, the beam disentigrating her dead body. G looked at B and screeched in agony and emotional pain. He shot an Atomic Ray at B, but he blocked it using his forcefield. B shot a plasma beam at G, then G's chest turned blue and shot it back at B, finally killing him. G painfully swam back to his ocean home, angry about the death of M. However, an egg was layed deep underground at the island of kaiju, so it wasn't the end of M...

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