At an unknown land, Telesdon walked throughout the area at night. He perked his head up as he heard something in the distance. He continued his wandering, then saw a shadow streak across his field of vision in the moonlight. In the distance, Golza rose. G approached T, and roared in power. T scorched G's chest with his fire, then G punched him in the face. T bit G's neck, then G pushed him off. G bit T's neck, and used his ray on him. G chased T near the ocean, and the two began clashing. They scorched each other with their rays and scraped each other. Deep in the ocean, Barang woke up from the noise G and T made. He came out of his ocean hole, and approached T and G. They stared at B, then B roared in anger. He shot them both with his bullet ray and burnt T and G's skin slightly. G blasted T then bit B's neck. B scraped across G's skin with his teeth, causing G to bleed. G tried to struggle out of B's grip then blasted T and killing him. B bit G more, and G struggled out. G shot B with his ray, but B whacked him with his tail, finally killing him. B swam back into the ocean in victory.

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