Mothra12 was crawling across the mountains in her larval form. Gillojira saw her in the distance. He began flapping his small wings, lifting his massive body. M heard him and lifted her massive head. G was heading toward the giant moth, spewing black smoke from his mouth and nostrils. He landed in front of M and couged out charcoal black smog. M frowned in disgust. She spit her silk at G, but he ripped it off his body. G's mouth glowed white and shot a devastating ray at M. M tumbled away from the attack and bit on to G's wing. G roared and bit M's tail, slinging her off. M struggled back and spit her silk at G, which he ripped off once again. G picked up M and charged up his beam. He shot it strait at her face, then threw her. M used her last bit of energy to cocoon herself, then tore out in her Imago form. She folded her wings back, forming an arrow shape, then speared herself into G. G grabbed her when she did this, slowing her down. The two stood face-to-face, eying each other. They both charged their beams, then shot them both at the same time. An explosion was let out, then M stood in victory as the winner, leaving G's unconscious body. G was still alive though...

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