In a dark, lava-lined area, GodzillaX was imprisoned in a cage. The red parts on his body started glowing... then he unleashed his greatest beam. The cave prison broke and he escaped, with a demonic essence in his eyes. He journeyed to civilization, then when he destroyed a whole city, he traveled to a far away island. He looked up, and felt the presence of another kaiju. Korean Godzilla proudly approached the horrible kaiju. GX scowled at KG, who did not know what he was up against. GX charged an Atomic Ray then blasted KG, who used his horn to block it. KG bravely shot nuclear pulses at GX, who wasn't hurt. GX walked up to KG and picked him up by the horn, then threw him while blasting him with an Atomic Ray. KG stumbled up and shot toward GX with his horn facing his opponent. He speared into GX, who grabbed his horn again then threw him while blasting him with another Atomic Ray. KG began noticing how strong of an opponent GX was, because he could barely heal GX's attacks. GX was barely getting hurt at all. KG shot GX with his Atomic Ray, but he wasn't affected. KG tried to retreat, but GX kept blasting him with Atomic Rays. KG was pushed into the ocean, and GX dove in after him. KG kept blasting nuclear pulses at GX, and GX was beggining to get hurt! However, the red parts on GX were beginning to glow, but Ice Rodan sensed danger and dove into the water and joined the battle! IR used his power to instill energy into KG, healing him, then his dead body floated down. KG used one more nuclear pulse on GX before he could use his most powerful beam. KG shot out of the water and victoriously swam back to the island. On the bottom of the ocean, the red parts on GX gave a quick red flash. He wasn't dead yet...

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