Ice Rodan was somehow revived from his death, and emerged with one thought on his mind: a challenge of battle. On the mountains of the island, Gillojira woke up from his almost-dead state. G shook his head, frowned, then began flapping his wings. He was heading for civilization, but IR knew that and sensed where he was. He flew to G, and stopped him before he could get to civilization. The two were in air combat, flapping their wings and stirring up the clouds. G grabs IR by the neck and charges up his beam. IR struggles out of his grasp, but was hit by the beam. IR was barely hurt at all, and angrily shook his head. He speared his beak into G's chest. G was slightly pushed back, then thrust forward, biting IR's tail. He slinged the overgrown pterosaur and let go. IR fell into the water, and G rushed in after him. G got into the water to be greeted with a Nitrogen beam from IR. G wasn't hurt, and flew into IR. G grabbed IR by the shoulders and slashed at IR's neck. He didn't hit IR very hard, but a thin stream of red appeared across his neck. The cut began emitting small amounts of smoky red blood into the water that was barely noticeable. IR painfully frowned, and G charged up his beam. G blasted IR, and swam away, leaving IR's dead body behind.

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