SpaceGodorah is the fusion of SpaceGodzilla and King Ghidorah.


He looks like SpaceGodzilla, except have wings from Ghidorah and the two tails. His shoulder crystals is now glowing orange.


  • Gravity beams-He can like King Ghidorah shoot gravity beams from his mouth.
  • Corona wave-SpaceGodorah can shoot a energy wave from his hands like a Kamehameha wave from dragon ball.
  • Flight-He can fly with or without wings. Even if he lost his wings he can still fly.
  • Cosmic Bomber-He powers up and blows energy from his body.
  • Telekiness-A ability from SpaceGodzilla to move objects or strangling other monsters.
  • Krystal spawning-Like SpaceGodzilla he can create crystals from the ground.

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