Light and Dark's home planet; the first planet Destonator attacked.

Kahran is Light and Dark's home planet. There are 5 Continents, in each one, there is a giant volcano. There's Elemakstro (in the middle, where Light and Dark are) ruled by Elemektar, Sunasus (in the right) ruled by Sun (he is Light's best friend), Naraneh (in the left) ruled by Traglo (he is Light and Dark's cousin, but they are not royalty), Zoloares (in the other side; northeast) ruled by Luna (Dark's Girl) and Donsed (on the other side, southwest) ruled by The Mystic Dragon, he has no real name, but in the Final Destination, Light became it's owner and he named him Karalazo. Karalazo's son became the king of Donsed.

67,428,539 years before Light's graduation day, Destonator had come to destroy Kahran, but he was defeated. In Elemakstro, there is a temple that was created to honor the Destiny Universe's Ultimate Hero, but in the Final Destination timeline, Destonator takes the temple (with his ability to control space like Palkia) to Cavius, the cave planet in Kirby's Universe.

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