Mecha-Cobra in it's first form.

Species Cyborg Cobra
Form(s) M.C.V.2, M.C.V.3, PRIMID COBRA
Height 70-120 meters
Weight 20,000-50,000 tons
Enemies Destonator, Lizardo, Gondoron, Cobronda, Kandhs, Freezon
Allies Godzilla, Rodan, Anguirus, King Caesar, Mothra, Baragon, Queen Quirus, Mecha Tyranno-Zilla

Mecha-Cobra is a cyborg cobra, made by a 12-year-old kid called Keen Lebron. What he did, was put his mind into it. Mecha-Cobra has defended Earth against threats like Cobronda, and Lizardo. In the actual time, it protects Earth from the Vortaak, who once again, try to take over Earth. The creature, and it's closest allies, Queen Quirus & Mecha Tyranno-Zilla (None under the military's control), fight against monsters that the military doesn't understand they can't defeat. But Mecha Cobra and Keen still have a close connection with the military.


Mecha-Cobra was Evil Imoogi (Baruki)'s remains that were found by the youngest scientist in the real world: Keen. Evil Imoogi (Baruki)|Baruki's bones were put together and Keen built the body and placed the bones inside. The Japanese Military gives Keen the remains of Mechagodzilla 2. Mecha-Cobra was given an artificial brain and can think like a human. Mecha-Cobra, unlike Kiryu, it cannot "remember" that it used to be evil. Mecha-Cobra was finished in 2005, one year after Operation Final Wars.

Role in the Final Destination

Mecha-Cobra plays a secondary role as part of the Global Defence Forces fighting against Destonator and his hypnotized minions. It's time to shine was in the battle against Cobronda. It was also important in the battle against Gondoron.

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