Mecha Tyrannic Zilla
Mecha Tyrrano-Zilla

Mecha Tyranno-Zilla

Mecha Tyranno-Zilla
Species Robotic Zilliesey Tanterous
Height 115 meters
Weight 64,000 tons
Enemies Destonator, Lizardo, Gondoron(s), Cobronda, Khost, Freezon.
Allies Godzilla, Rodan, Anguirus, King Caesar, Mothra, Baragon, Queen Quirus, Mecha-Cobra, Kiryu.

Mecha Tyranno-Zilla is a mostly-metallic version of the extinct Zilliesey Tanterous, nicknamed Tyrannic Zilla. Even after it was revived by the G.D.F., it only trusted Keen, the youngest scientist in the real world (the youngest counting every universe, is Dexter). It's favorite color is yellow. It has energy-generating spikes on it's back, it can also fire atomic blasts, it can think, it breathes in and out of water, has teeth with Godzilla's strength, and has red skin.

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