Ankylosaurus Survivor
Queen Quirus Vs. Prehistoric Godzilla

Queen Quirus fighting a prehistoric alien Godzilla

Queen Quirus
Species Mutated/Giant Ankylosaur
Gender Female
Height 93 meters
Weight 65,000 tons
Abilities Fire breath, all normal Anguirus abilities, can stay walking on two legs until tired.
Weaknesses Scythes, acid, strong beam.
Enemies Destonator, Prehistoric Alien Godzilla, Cobronda, Freezon, Lizardo, Gondoron, Kandhs.
Allies Mecha-Cobra, Mecha Tyranno-Zilla, Anguirus, Godzilla, Rodan

Queen Quirus, is another survivor of the Anguirus family. The queen of the race in fact, in the distant past, she battled a monster that looked EXACTLY like Godzilla, but it wasn't, and was an alien sent by the Vortaak. It is unknown as to why she survived and the "King" never was seen. There are doubts that Anguirus could be the king, but it has been proved to have been wrong due to Queen Quirus being a lot more aggressive and bigger than Anguirus, and the fact that Queen Quirus dislikes male ankylosaurus.

She is, also, friendly with reptiles, which would explain it's alliance with Mecha-Cobra and Mecha Tyrano-Zilla. Scientists want to study it but it's an endangered species, with only two (as believed) to exist in the same universe. She was alive in the time when Cretaceous King Ghidorah came to end the dinosaurs, but she was ALMOST killed when Mothra Leo came. Queen Quirus since then she would be honored to see a giant moth.

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