I've recently been thinking of doing a series of pages called "Epic Monster Battles of History", sort of a pun on the YouTube series "Epic Rap Battles of History". If you would like to vote for a particular matchup, here are the rules.

  • It has to be a Godzilla monster that has appeared in at least ONE movie.
  • If a backstory is provided, I may consider throwing your fanmade monster in if you like. But I also need a list of powers, weaknesses, strengths, and anything else you feel necessary.
  • If you had the same idea as a person who commented as well, just comment saying, "I agree with ExampleUser54."

Some more things:

  • If you think I'm trying to rip off "Island Battles" I'm not, I just decided to do a series of battles with Godzilla monsters.
  • A fight will be posted every week via blog.
  • The military may or may not be involved depending on location (example: Monster Island = No Seattle = Yes)
  • If no comments are posted, I will randomly decide who faces who, so there may be some interesting matchups.

That's about it so thank you for reading and don't forget to comment!

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