W-rex or Wardinasaurus rex is the guardian of the Wardinians from the planet Rotnh.There were several versions before him, but he is the best of the best.


[hide]*1 History


At first W-rex was just a normal Rasat(Wardinian monitor lizard),until he got selected by a group of Wardinian terrorists to become their weapon.When they were halfway through the mutation experment,the Rasat broke free and carshed onto a shelf full of chemicals,causing him to mutate on the spot.The terrorist lab was destroyed and W-rex was born.After that W-rex went into the jungle.

W-rex was later found by a Wardinian hermit named Sulamui.Sulamui (after all those years of meditating)was not afraid of W-rex, instead he befriended him.The hermit was killed when theVortaak sentKing Ghidorah to invade Rotnh. Enraged,he fought King Ghidorah, winning the stand off.The defeat of King Ghidorah was never recorded because,W-rex almost tore King Ghidorah apart.It is extermely humuliating by Vortaak standards.

The Wardinian military found out about the incident and appointed W-rex as guardian of Wardinians.






several others


Demon Godzilla

King Ghidorah



several others


He can fire super heated plasma from the mouth, glassing all in his way.He has inmmense strength and has organic metal skin which is viturally indesstructible.

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