Caitchin Cooba
  Caitchin Cooba is an ancient sea monster and a relative of Kaishin Muba.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Gem Beam: Caitchin Cooba can fire a beam from the gems on his head and lure.
  • Energy Bolts: Caitchin Cooba can fire energy bolts from his claws.
  • Constricting Tentacles: Caitchin Cooba has large constricting tentacles.
  • Enegy Orbs: Caitchin Cooba can fire energy orbs from his mouth.
  • Water Stream: Caitchin Cooba can fire a jet of consentrated water from his mouth.


Caitchin Cooba is a sea monster that appeared several times battling with Ebirah, Gezora, Ganime and even Godzilla. He lives on a specially constructed part of Monster Island.

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