King Ghidorah

Digital Ghidorah

 Digital Ghidorah is a King Ghidorah made of computer data.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Electric Shock: Digital Ghidorah can bite enemies and discharge electricity into them.
  • Gravity Beams: Digital Ghidorah can use his signature attack, Gravity Beams.
  • Electric Beams: Digital Ghidorah can fire electric beams from his eyes.
  • Computer Transit: Digital Ghidorah can transform into data and enter and exit computers.


Digital Ghidorah will be powerless if the computer he was created in is destroyed.


Digital Ghidorah is living computer data. A sentinent experiment, Digital Ghidorah became reality and escaped. Fighting Godzilla, Digital Ghidorah was more than a match for him. Only until Digital Ghidorah's computer is destroyed is he weakened and destroyed.

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