Dogolas head


Dogolas is a crazy powerful psychic kaiju

Subtitle: Psychic Brainwave Monster

Physical TraitsEdit

  • Brain: Dogolas is one of the most intelligent kaiju ever. He can also use it for multiple abilities, such as his psychic levitation and beams.
  • Tentacles: Dogolas has multiple tentacles he can use for arms.                            

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Psychic Abilities: Dogolas can levitate objects. He can also use telepathy to speak, mind control and can redirect things such as Godzilla's atomic ray. This is his main attack. He can also probe minds and erase memories. He can fire purple waves of energy from his brain. These cause pain to the enemy's mind only, a unique ability.


Dogolas is a psychic monster that hails from an unknown nebula. He came to Earth, attempting to kill Godzilla and his allies. He was later defeated by Godzilla.

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