Revived Ghidorah (Re-Ghidorah) was the original King Ghidorah, brought back from the dead.
King Ghidorah 2

Revived Ghidorah

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Revived Ghidorah traded his normal attacks for fire-based attacks.

  • Fireballs: Revived Ghidorah can launch fireballs from his mouths.
  • Heat Rays: Revived Ghidorah can launch fiery beams from each mouth.
  • Flames: Revived Ghidorah can send a stream of fire from each mouth. He can also fire them from his tails.
  • Self-Destruct: Revived Ghidorah's body will explode when he is killed.


Several years after the first King Ghidorah was killed, it reappeared. Revived from the dead, King Ghidorah was now Revived Ghidorah! Having traded his normal attacks for fire-based attacks, Re-Ghidorah was stronger than ever. He was capable of defeating Godzilla with his Heat Rays, and soon started burning everything in sight. Godzilla later teamed up with Anguirus, and manajed to defeat Re-Ghidorah. His body self-destructed afterwards.

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