Zombie Jiger

After Gamera killed Jiger, Jiger came back to defeat Gamera and destroy the statue. Zombie Jiger found Gamera and battles him and wins. But he kills Zombie Jiger by flying above her head and burning her with his fireballs. Her roar sounds like her normal roar mixed with Gamera's roar. She is even more powerful than the first Jiger.

*Shoots quills from her head
*A powerful heat ray
*An egg-laying stinger in her tail
*The abilety to burrow
*She can use a flamethrower-like blast from her mouth
*Red laser beams from eyes
*Thick skin for protection
*High jumping


When Gamera killed Jiger, he used the statue by impaling Jiger with it. But three years after the fight a UFO brought Jiger back and turned Jiger into Zombie Jiger! She wants to find the statue that Gamera killed her with and to kill Gamera as well. So when she found Gamera they fought and Zombie Jiger won using her flame-thrower breath. But later Gamera killed her by flying up to her chest and impaled her in the heart with the statue. Somehow a second one fought with Godzilla and was defeated. The second one is in a cave on a heavily guarded part of Monster Island.

This is how Jiger turned into Zombie Jiger: Jiger's DNA was taken by a UFO and it brought her back as Zombie Jiger! She attacked Tokyo to find the statue and use it to kill Gamera the same way he killed her. 

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